About Us

BRIDES BY US, registered in New Delhi, is a trousseau service portal
which provides Bridal Wear and Wedding Outfits for people living in any part of the world
and focus on exclusive bridal couture needs of a BRIDE-TO-BE.

Your dream, our desire !!

Why us?

The initial concept of BRIDES BY US was to promote Indian based clothing DESIGN and MAKE to other countries in the world where people can easily access and buy our high quality clothing products, at better competitive prices.

Our market further expanded to fulfil the gaps of metro cities and small cities within India, where people living in smaller cities do not have a platform to ensure purchase of quality designer clothing and customization services.

Meet The Team

Chirag Gupta

Founder & CEO

Mobile: +91-987-336-4104
Email: [email protected]

Himanshu Kohli

Founder & Head of IT Dept.

Mobile: +91-981-847-7309
Email: [email protected]

Ashish Arya

Head of Business Development

Mobile: +91-852-761-8142
Email: [email protected]